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Yoga Education Programs

The Yoga Youth Movement programs are aimed at bringing the teachings of Hatha and Raja Yoga to teens in the NYC area. In our educational programs we will introduce the concepts of the 8-limbs of Yoga, The Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad-Gita, Meditation, & the Seven Laws of Yoga while developing a physical practice and understanding basic human body anatomy. Each YYM session begins with a Hatha Yoga class, the practice of postures, followed by a Raja Yoga session in which concepts listed above will be introduced in a nondenominational manner.

Yoga at your School

The Yoga Youth Movement after school programs brings Yoga classes to young students building their confidence, determination and focus. Our after school classes consist of an hour long Hatha Yoga class focusing on the physical postures. Hatha Yoga provides proven tools for deepening and enhancing health, academic skills, and physical fitness.


Our students learn how to move mindfully, with breath awareness, and sustain their concentration, they simultaneously develop strength, flexibility, balance, mental clarity and emotional stability. Yoga Youth Movement’s goal is to continuously add new schools yearly in the NY area. 

  • Focus

  • Development of visual, auditory and kinesthetic understanding 

  • Analytical thinking and artistry

  • Right processing and expression of feelings 

  • Morale and understanding of choices

  • Self-control

  • Stress management

  • Determination and confidence

  • Respect and patience

  • Consciousness and understanding of feelings of others

Yoga Camp

The focus of the Yoga Youth Movements summer camp is bringing together the teachings of Yoga with facing the challenges of daily teenager life. The YYM presents the principles and techniques of yoga as an effective means for supporting teenagers in navigating the challenges of this tumultuous and transformational time in their lives.


Through the practice of yoga teenagers are able to stabilize their mental and emotional state allowing them to develop personal worth, efficiency and regulation. With a gained sense of personal responsibility teenagers are able to increase personal qualities in their life such as Determination, Self-Control, Concentration, Patience, and Faith. These gained qualities will assist teenagers in embracing the world with a clear, confident, and calm sense of being. Our goal is to have Yoga camps to be held annually both in the summer and specific weekends throughout the year during school breaks to include leadership workshops. 

  • Improve health and fitness

  • Create positive feelings when exercising

  • Knowledge of basic Anatomy as it relates to the yoga postures

  • Work through any physical circumstances with Determination

  • Build Self-Control for optimal results for the practice

  • Control the thought process by developing Concentration 

  • Understand results from right effort comes only through Patience

  • All task and ideas can fulfilled with complete Faith in ones own ability

One goal of the Yoga Youth Movement is to target promising yoga youth athletes in the 2015 USA Yoga & IYSF championships. USA Yoga believes that the practice of yoga and Yoga Asana is beneficial for the physical and mental health of all practitioners - children, teens, adults and seniors.


Increased awareness of the sport of Yoga Asana will encourage existing practitioners to sharpen their skills through training, dedication, and devotion to the sport, and will inspire new practitioners to begin a practice which leads to a healthier and happier life. (Fold the field trips into summer camp/leadership training section.)

Yoga Sports

  • Kinesthetic awareness and control 

  • Strength and flexibility

  • Balance and coordination 

  • Cardiovascular and circulatory health 

  • Relaxation and renewal


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