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YYM is offering you, the greater Global Yoga community, an opportunity to Unite & Inspire our youth yogis with a gained sense of personal responsibility teenagers are able to increase personal qualities in their life such as Determination, Self-Control, Concentration, Patience, and Faith.


" When educating the minds of our youths, we muct not forget to educate thier hearts. " - Dalia lama


Partner with the YYM in raising the funds and awareness needed to create a long lasting effect in our world in the present and in the future.


The practice of yoga, which unites the body, mind, and breath, provides students with an opportunity to take on challenging physical postures and focused self-exploration and discovery, which simultaneously maintaining calm and steady breath. The ability to remain non-reactive and focused in the face of the physical challenges of yoga requires the development of self-control and management, finesse, alignment, balance, stability, stamina and concentration. These abilities, when applied to various life challenges and events, contribute to teens’ creativity, clarity, problem solving, stress management, goal setting, health, relationships and general success.


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